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About the program

The goal of any student pilot is to achieve sufficient flight time and aeronautical experience to become employable by the airlines. However, most airlines require pilots to hold the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) issued by an recognized ICAO-member state. Our Airline Transport Pilot programs offer you exactly that - an ability to study from zero to a full ICAO (FAA) Airline Transport Pilot License in less then two years.
This program is absolutely unique. Very few flight training facilities in the World offer a full ATPL, because it requires 1500 hours of flight time in various regimes. However, we are able to offer you this program, conducted all on our premises, because we are an accredited aeronautical college with a special permission from the ministry of immigration to issue students academic F-1 visas. Such visa allows our students to study and, after the achievement of CPL and CFI licenses, undergo structured internship. This internship allows students to build enough flight time to qualify for an Airline transport Pilot License.

Essential program points

  • Flight training to a high international standard in a fully-accredited U.S.-based aeronautical college
  • ICAO (FAA) Commercial Pilot License with IR, AMEL, ASEL ratings
  • ICAO (FAA) Flight Instructor License with IR, AMEL, ASEL ratings
  • Flight Instructor Internship in the United States
  • Commercial Pilot Internship, internationally
  • Over 1500 flight hours through internship programs
  • Jet transition course
  • Interview preparation and international airline employment assistance

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