International aerospace consulting company.

Aerospace consulting

Raich Aerospace is lucky enough to attract to its operation some of the most experienced aviation professionals in their fields. Our primary consulting focus is on aviation training an Asia and CIS. Our team undertakes complex start-up project management tasks including set up and initial operation of new flight training facilities in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, China, Russia. Also we help business owners from the aforementioned regions to set up flight training facilities in the United States, with the emphasis on training of international student pilots and airline cadets. Another important part of our consulting business is the conversion of flight crew licenses from one authority and level into another. We also dedicate special attention to already highly qualified pilots who want to increase their earning potential and upgrade their annual income by up to 500%. Such upgrades are accomplished through cooperation with the pilot recruitment agents and airlines in Asia and the Middle East. Finally, we consult on the matters related to aircraft procurement, importation and registration.

In this domain our goal is to ensure that our clients are getting the best deal for their money importing and registering aircraft in the most cost-effective manner. Using our expertise, some overseas clients were able to save up to 40% on the aircraft import and registration cost.

Team expertise

Our team consists of active and retired airline pilots, aviation training professionals, customs and importation specialists, professional ferry pilots and engineers. Each one has a unique set of skills and robust knowledge in their own domain. Some team members work for us directly, some are working with us on independent basis, some are outsourced from the other companies in accordance to the requirements of various projects.

Please feel free to contact us in case you need to get in touch directly with any of the aviation professionals.

Lead consultants

Cpt. Curt farley

Int. aircraft delivery (US, EU, Asia, Africa)

Cpt. Russ sherwood

Int. flight training (US, SE Asia, China)

cpt. Paul everitt

Aircraft sales and flight training (US,, SE Asia)

cpt. robert weaver

Int. aircaft transfer and customs (UK, US, Europe)

Mr. aleksandr sirotin

Student financial aid (Russia, CIS)

Mr. Gene carroll

Flight network support (Europe, Middle East)

Cpt. vesa turpeinen

Flight training (China)

cpt. pat murphy

Aviation training (US, China, India)