International aerospace consulting company.

main business focus


Aviation Training

Our main focus is on the international aviation training, where we dedicate time to the training of ab-initio students and already highy qualified professionals alike


Aircraft Transfer

Our second important empasis is on the international aircraft transfer, including pre-purchase inspection, ferry modifications, crew provision and training, customs clearance and re-registration



Another important part of our business is aviation project management. Such projects include set up of flight training facilities, charter operations, and other aerospace industry companies. Consulting also includes flight planing and aircraft cost operation analisys.


Flight Crew Recruitment

In view of the recent and dramatic raise of airline pilot salaries and escalating deficit of qualified pilots in the United States, Russia and Asia, we have focused our attention on the employment placement of flight crew on international scale

current projects progress

[Current project 1] Major recruitment agency for Russian pilots
[Current project 2] New flight school set up for an Indian aviation training corporation
[Current project 3] New charter operation set up for an Indonesian company