International aerospace consulting company.

Unique regional knowledge

Using extensive combined experience working as flight instructors, commercial pilots and airline pilots in such countries as China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Russia and other locations, our consultants have built unique flight training and career development packages that are suited specifically to certain countries and taking in account their unique pilot employment market specifications. Our packages are designed to take any student from ZERO level experience to be airline employment ready, straight for the cocpit of a modern passenger jet. Programs incorporate not only ab initio flight training courses, but also have built-in commercial pilot internship options, flight instrustor hour building, jet transition courses, airline pilot technical interview preparation courses and post-training airline employment support.

Career development

Unlike most flight training facilities in the United States and abroad that stop working with the student as soon as he/she finishes the flight training program, we continue working with our students providing them with the career guidance, internship opportunities and permanent employment options. We offer our graduates the required support to develop their professional pilot careers by using our expereince and connections through the network of valuable domestic and international partners. Our main partners include: Aviator College of Aeronautical Science & Technology, Sunrise Aviation Inc, Aviator LLC.

aviation training Focus by region


Aviation training for Asian students

Our main focus is on the provision of aviation training and pilot career development packages for students from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea and other countries located in Asia. Our students are allocated not high quality training and internship courses complete with the financial aid support, when required.


Aviation training for students from Russia & CIS

Another important business emphasis of our company is rhe provision of flight training and pilot internship packages for the students from Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakstan and other CIS member states. Students receive continues administrative and financial support from our partner companies located in Moscow and Saint Peterburg. Post-training employment placement is also offered as a part of our one-stop service scheme.


Aviation training for students from the Middle East

In addition to large groups of Asian and CIS students, we provide the same level of support to students from the Middle East. Such countries include Israel, UAE, Sadi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and more.


Aviation training for students from other regions

Pilots who benefit from our programs also include students from various EU countries, African nations and Island nations.