International aerospace consulting company.

Company formation

Our company was founded in 2012 as Raich Aerospace Group LLC in the United States. The company's main focus was aviation consulting to prominent international clients. After succesfully operating for two years, the company was acquired by a Russian aircraft sales broker, Firstavia Group LLC and continued operation on the international scale as a support department for company's growing airplane sales business. In the early 2017, due to continues decline in Russian economy, and to cater better to a growing clientelle in Asia, the company's ownership was transfered to a Hong Kong based corporation "Global Air Holdings Ltd". The company's aviation training division is operating under a registered DBA name "Aerocadet"

Recent history

From November 2013 the company is a fully owned subsidiary of Firstavia Group LLC. Mr Aleksandr Sirotin serves as Firstavia Group's CEO. He has extensive and unique experience of financial and business management and education background in corporate law.

From March 2017 the company is a fully owned subsidiary of Global Air Holdings Ltd. Mr Gene Carroll serves as GAH's CEO. He has extensive and unique experience of working with aviation companies in Asian and Middel East, as well as education background in business management and IT.

Current affairs

Raich Aerospace's regional director in the United States is Cpt. Russell Sherwood, a certified airline pilot and flight instructor. He has flight crew certificates from USA, UK, China and Indonesia. He also serves as company's lead aviation training consultant for CIS China and SE Asian regions. RAG team consists of a number of aviation professionals who serve as active pilots and consultants and have extensive experience working as a commercial pilots, flight instructors for both civilian and military contractors and airline pilots. Our consultants work hand in hand with other specialists in such countries as United States, India, China, Russia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, UK and Israel.