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About us

Who we are?

[Picture: 2007, four of the original ferrry pilots in front of one of four Citation 1 jets during delivery project from U.S. to China]


Short history

Our company was founded in 2006 as Global Air Ferry LTD in the United Kingdom by Russell Sherwood, a U.K. based and a U.S., China and Indonesia certified commercial pilot and flight instructor. The company specialized in U.S. to E.U., from brokers to buyers, light airplane delivery. Following the initial success, in 2007 Russell attracted a number of highly experienced retired airline pilots to join the operation and started ferrying a wider range of airplanes internationally covering more complex trans-oceanic routes from U.S. and E.U. to Asia and Africa. After succesfully operating for four years, the company was acquired by a Russian aircraft sales broker, Firstavia Group LLC and continued operation on the international scale as a support department for company's growing airplane sales business. Due to company's further expansion, Firstavia Group LLC formed its U.S. branch, Raich Aerospace Group LLC. Later, along with other qualified aviation professionals, Russell Sherwood has re-joined the company's U.S. department as a lead aviation training consultant and headed its DBA aviation training trademark "Aerocadet"

Recent history & current affairs

From November 2013 the company is a fully owned subsidiary of Firstavia Group LLC. Mr Aleksandr Sirotin serves as Firstavia Group's CEO. He has extensive and unique experience of financial and business management and education background in corporate law. Raich Aerospace's regional director is Cpt. Russell Sherwood, a certified airline pilot and flight instructor. He has flight crew certificates from USA, UK, China and Indonesia. He also serves as company's lead aviation training consultant for CIS China and SE Asian regions. RAG team consists of a number of aviation professionals who serve as active pilots and consultants and have extensive experience working as a commercial pilots, flight instructors for both civilian and military contractors and airline pilots. Our consultants work hand in hand with other specialists in such countries as United States, India, China, Russia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, UK and Israel.

    With more than 40 years of combined aviation experience, Raich Aerospace Group is a well-established established specialist in provision of the following services:

  • General aerospace consulting
  • International aviation training
  • Modern & vintage aircraft sales
  • Aircaft inspection, transfer & customs
  • Aircraft registration & tax advise
  • International pilot recruitment
  • Aviation project management


corporate departments

our service spectrum stretches from basic aviation training and aircraft sales to advanced aerospace consulting and aviation project management

Aerospace Consulting

We provide expert advise and project management to individuals and companies on many aviation related issues, from start-up flight school operations to business jet and airline projects in the United States, Russia and Asia.

Aviation Training

We offer unique aviation training programs, starting from ab initio level to airline transport pilot licenses. We also provide international license conversion courses and type rating programs.

Aircraft Sales & Transfer

Through the network of partners we provide expert aircraft delivery services from any location in the Wrold to any location in the World. We employ highly experienced ferry professionals who provide our clinets with full door-to-door service, including aircraft inspection, test-flights, international clearances and fligt planing.

Crew Recruitment

Focused on pilots from CIS, we offer a unique employment support service, including expert flight crew resume building, training and job placement with the leading airlines, allowing our clients manage to boost their existing professional pilot income by up to 500%

latest projects

check out our recent consulting projects

"lift" flight school in indonesia

"aviator" college in russia

russian flight training base in u.s.


Aircraft delivered

Our company and its world-wide network of partners, provide exceptional aircraft delivery service through our Global Air Ferry division. The operation is powered by experienced ferry pilots from all over the Globe.

facebook members

Our aviation training consulting Aerocadet Facebook Page has close to thirteen thousand followers comprised of aspiring pilots, experienced aviators and general aviation enthusiasts.

Team members

Our team members include direct employees and sub-contracted consultants, pilots, instructors, engineers and aircraft brokers.


Our network of web-sites in the United States, South East Asia and Russia received thousands of weekly visits from prospective clients from all over the World


    Unique aviation training programs for Asian and Middle-Eastern students with internship in the United States and Europe.


    Advanced aviation training programs for Russian, Ukranina, Belorussian students with internship in the United States and CIS


    Initial aviation training programs for Russian, Ukranina, Belorussian students with internship in South-East Asia


    Fast and economic international aircraft transfer services from any point in the World to any point in the World.


    American and Europiean airplane sales and brokerage services for clients from Russia and CIS

  • DroneSurvey

    Professional aerial photo and video imaging by certified drone pilots in Florida

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